Nasal Cranial Release

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The Nasal Cranial Release was first developed by Dr. J. R. Stober in the 1930s in Portland, Oregon. This powerful physical technique utilizes a small finger cot that adjusts the bones of the skull. This procedure attaches an inflatable device to the cot and is inserted into the nasal passages. The inflation of the balloon presses outward against the bones lining the breathing passage and adjusts the sutures of the skull. What this does it relieve the forces that went into the skull by removing any impaction in the cranial sutures. The adjustment of the skull bones re-establishes the flow of cerebral spinal fluid to the brain and spinal column.

Nasal cranial technique

How does the procedure work?

When you suffer from a concussion or other trauma, the bones of your skull are impacted by force. Because our body is in a constant quest for balance, when the skull is not in proper alignment, the rest of the body will compensate by altering the way we move. This can result in poor posture, breathing, chronic pain and depression. Placing the bones in proper alignment will allow for better blood flow to the brain and spinal cord and neuro-transmitter activity throughout the central nervous system. The nasal cranial release involves inserting 5-10 balloons into the six nasal passages. The patient breathes out through the nose while the finger cot is placed in the nasal passageway. The nostril is compressed so that no air will escape. The patient will take a deep breath and hold it in. Then the finger cot is gently inflated and the finger cot is inserted into the lower portion of the nose on both sides, then the middle and then the top and then repeated in lower portion again.

cranial adjustment therapy
Symptoms that you may need this procedure:

Deviated nasal septum Chronic sinusitis Abnormal function of the TMJ joint
Snoring Orthodontic problems of the teeth Tinnitis
Crossed eyes Traumatic head injuries Chronic headaches
Migraines Low back pain Neck pain

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